Interface — Increased the width of the edges of the window to make it easier to resize. Новогодний календарь на год — Смешарики украсят пр RuFull 9 ноября The Driver Fusion Premium reporting feature is also ideal for doing analysis and can be easily used in papers or other documents. Health check — Improved the algorithm for finding both missing and outdated drivers. Восстанавливал резервные копии драйверов одним махом, с помощью мыши. Service — The online service that allows you to gain access to several features, such as the automatic driver updated, has been completely rewritten.

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Health check — Devices and drivers are now sorted by their class. Previous and next buttons can be used to browse all the hints manually. У меня такое ощущение либо я как то не так пользуюсь этой программой, либо она реально не удаляет драйвера реалтек. Interface — On Windows Vista and higher, the native folder dialog is now used instead of the previous used folder dialog.

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Зимний календарь с фоторамкой на год — Новогодние The available options are none, signed, authenticode verified by a trusted publisher, authenticode, and WHQL. Connectivity — Improved handling of network problems. Interface — The settings menu has been redesign for consistency.


This is now identical to missing drivers and outdated drivers. Health check — Performing a driver backup could in some cases freeze Driver Fusion.

To download, click on the «Download» button and wait for trexy relevant window to appear, then select the location of the file to be saved and wait until the download ends. Health check — Adding an outdated drivers could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze for a moment.

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Most notably are the Treexy account screens and the new menu for settings and signed-in users. Зарегистрирован [25 июн Progress indication — Backup and removal of driver family entries now indicates its progress in percentages.

Health check — Improved the severity calculation for outdated drivers. Календарь на с маленьким Дедом Морозом — Детский You can use it to safely uninstall old driver versions, thus ensuring that your PC runs at its optimal performance. Premium16 Device control — Driver information shows empty rows.

RuFull 13 октября Не очень разумею зачем фуфло подсовывают? Как снимать, обрабатывать и печатать изображения, состоящие из нулей и единиц — в цифровой фотографии Побаловаться тока,прошли те времена с драйверами и прочим горюче-смазочным.


Статья на гитхабе https: RuFull 12 декабря Health check — Vusion tooltip of the driver now includes the provider, release date, version, and signature.

Device control — Improved stability and performance.

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Anthony88 2 июля Desktop — Resolution and monitor information was not stored correctly. Обратная связь с администрацией: Interface — On Windows XP, maximize would only maximize to one half of the screen. Жаль только, что к версии 1. Driver family — Driver inspection and driver overview have been combined into a single completely redesigned screen named driver family named driver family because all driver versions are combined into one group, e.

Premium16 Device control — Devices are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation. Interface — Added auto focus to all dialog screens.